The Revelbee Racecar Party in Action!

My younger son who is a car guy, celebrated his 4th birthday, so it was the perfect chance to put the “pedal to the metal” with our Revelbee Racecar Party Package. I am going to share several of the photos from the party that a friend took. This party was so easy to execute because I just used the Revelbee package and a few super simple DIY ideas. Everyone had a great time!

Racecar Birthday Party Tablescape

I love having all the kids over to the house, especially in June when the weather is nice and they can just play in our backyard. I wanted to try one of our amazing vendors “RC Cars to U.” A friend and fellow entrepreneurial mom (founder of GoodyFoods – told me about this company – they bring 12 RC cars to your house and set up race tracks so that the kiddos can race them. The company however, doesn’t recommend it for 4 year olds because of hand eye coordination development, so we focused on the Revelbee “Day at the Racetrack” package, did a car pinata, and had a race car cake. The DIY idea I was really excited to try our was a “car wash”.

Above is our party table set up before the kids arrived. It was really festive and perfectly aligned with the theme. With the Revelbee package, the party decorations were so easy for this – it's true!. We used the Revelbee decor elements, and I had all my son’s cars out and about around the house and yard so that the kids could play with them.

Racecar Birthday Party Games

At the “Day at the Racetrack Games”, all the kids from age 2 to age 6 participated. They were really easy for me to execute and everyone loved getting a medal at the end.

We did “Pit-master Says” and the birthday boy took over the whistle and became the Pit-master.

Racecar Birthday Party Pittmaster Says Game

and Redlight/Greenlight

Racecar Birthday Party Game Green Light

and Roll the (huge) Tire

 Racecar Birthday Party Game Roll the Tire

After the Race Day Games on our front lawn, I corralled the kids over to the driveway for a real car wash. We had a ton of rags and utility towels hanging around the house, and with a few large buckets of soapy water, the kids went crazy on our car.

Racecar Birthday Party Car Wash

My boys LOVE washing the car on a hot day, and so I happy all his friends were into it as well.

 Racecar Birthday Party Car Wash

The parents in attendance got a real kick out of the whole thing too.

Racecar Birthday Party Car Wash

We finished up with a RaceCar Cake a modified Safeway “Cars” cake (we completely stayed away from the Disney thing for this theme),

 Racecar Birthday Party Cake

and the Racecar pinata was the final touch.

Racecar Birthday Party Pinata

I was excited to really be a customer for RevelBee on this party, and I promise it really took the stress away from the whole party planning process, and the best part is that I got to enjoy the day right along side my son. Yeah! That is what we hope you feel too when you use Revelbee for your next party!