Construction Cake How To

Construction Birthday Party Cake

My two sons have birthdays within a month of each other which means we’ve hosted joint parties the past couple of years. Consequently, we have lots of guests and require a large cake! Lucikly, as most boys do, they love construction so agreeing on a theme was easy.

To craft a cake that met the theme but didn’t break the bank, I took a cue from my good friend and business partner and customized a basic Costco sheet cake. I ordered a basic chocolate cake with a Happy Birthday message written in yellow. To transform the background into a construction zone, I used crushed oreo cookies, candy rocks, toy construction vehicles, and construction candles. I also used raw sugar around the cake edges to hide the cardboard base.

In addition to the cake, I made brownies and added the squares to one of my boy’s dump trucks. It was a super easy centerpiece and definitely added to the decor. Here’s a picture of the cake in action with the eldest birthday boy blowing out the candles.

To complement the cake, Revelbee offers a complete Construction party in a box, Construction party favors, and Construction party games.

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