Aarrghh...It's a Pirate Party!

Pirate Birthday Party Decor

My boys were very excited for their joint pirate birthday bash. Since we had a range of ages (2-4 year olds), we added a couple DIY activities to the RevelBee party package to keep all the little ones busy. However, the Treasure Hunt was far and away the hit of the party with kids and adults alike!

When kids first entered the party, we gave them their pirate garb – the eye patch and pirate hat favors – and ushered them outside to enjoy warm up activities.

Pirate Birthday Party Favors


In our backyard, we created our very own “Walk the Plank” and “Captain Hook’s Ring Toss.” Both were easy to throw together. For Walk the Plank, I painted an old piece of lumber from our garage black and propped it on some boxes.

 Pirate Birthday Party Game Walk the Plank

To make the classic ring toss theme appropriate, I bought a few plastic Pirate Hooks to serve as the target. I tied the hooks to a piece of lattice work but they could also be attached to heavy duty cardboard. The plastic easily took a hole punch and then I used string for the tying.

Pirate Birthday Party Game Captain Hook Ring Toss


We also set up a Pirate Parrot craft which consisted of card stock red parrots on a popsicle stick, colorful feathers, and markers. The preschool age kids really enjoyed this. We saved the best activity for post-lunch – the Treasure Hunt! This is one of RevelBee’s signature activities.

Pirate Birthday Party Treasure Hunt 

The kids loved the treasure hunt cards and were very focused on finding all the goodies listed and were bursting with pride when all were checked off their list. The prize was a pirate sword which the kids eagerly began using!

Pirate Birthday Party Games

To set the stage for the pirates, we used the RevelBee party decor and tableware with a few special additions.

 Pirate Birthday Party Decor

For the table centerpiece, we placed one of our toy pirate ships atop a fishing net and sprinkled shells around. We also used the favors as part of the decor adding them to the entry table as guests came in. On the food table, we made sure there were plenty of bowls of tangerines and fruit skewers to prevent scurvy. Pirate booty and fish and chips (goldfish & potato chips) were aplenty to keep hunger at bay. The main dish was pulled pork sandwiches accompanied by Pirate Punch – fruit juice for the kids and sangria for the adults.

Happy Birthday Pirates