ballerina birthday party games, pin the slipper on the ballerina
ballerina birthday party games, ballerina craft

Ballerina Birthday Party Activity & Games

$ 49.00

Bravo – it's a ballerina's birthday party! All ballerinas will have their moment in the spotlight with our signature ballerina recital games and activities. The activity package includes a set of ballerina games, a spin on the classic pin the tail game, and a craft project. The games include musical flowers, freeze dance, Pass the Bouquet, and Prima Ballerina says. To orchestrate the games, Revelbee provides 12 felt flowers to serve as “chairs” for musical flowers and a flower wand for pass the bouquet – our version of hot potato. The “Pin the Slipper on the Ballerina” game includes 12 slipper stickers to be placed on the ballerina and one 18 by 24 inch poster. The craft project consists of 12 card stock ballerinas to make into puppets with glitter glue pens, tulle fabric, and wooden popsicle sticks.

Ages 3+